Jessica Rydill

Jessica Rydill writes, and collects Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, or BJD. At an average height of twenty inches tall, they take up a lot of room. Many of the dolls are based on characters from her books.

Jessica's novels are a cross-genre mash-up; they embrace fantasy with medieval warlords, and steampunk adventure with lightning-wielding shamans. Magic is used to solve daily problems, and a myriad of underworlds and other dimensions are only a short step away.

Visit Jessica's web-site at to learn more about Mir, the shamanworld.

All my books, from Children of the Shaman to Malarat, are being reissued by Kristell Ink, and Winterbloom will be published for the first time. Updates on this and my other blog or my Facebook author page, or you can follow me on Twitter @razumova. 


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