Malarat - the cover art!

Before you get too excited, the cover art is by me. I've had a lot of fun doing it, but it is obviously not the same as a professionally drawn cover. I've used free images and will be giving credit to Public Domain Images at Karen's Whimsy.

Anyway, here they are - though the finished result may be completely different!

My favourite is the middle one. I'm also displaying hubris (or delusions of grandeur) by inviting comparisons to War and Peace.


  1. I love the bottom one, the blue and the rays look so attractive! Though the colours on no 1 are so bright and cheerful, and the picture looks good on the middle one! Dammit, I like 'em all!!!

    Happy Hannukah!

    love Maggie xxx

  2. Thank you, Maggie! I've had a lot of fun designing them and now I've done another one.

    I hope you're all well - Happy Hanukkah too!


    Jessie xxx


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