Malarat: The Cover Art part III

Just before Christmas, I produced a new version of the Malarat ebook cover, thanks to help and advice from the likes of Guy LeCharles Gonzales and other friends.

So here it is - not necessarily the final version but the one I like best so far. I'm also sure there are people in my flist who could do a lot better!

Unfortunately, I don't own the copyright to the artwork for my first two books, Children of the Shaman and The Glass Mountain. So when I do reissue them, they will need new covers.

This one uses the silhouette format of the previous one, but I have modified the figures so that they appear in historic costume. Once again, all and any suggestions are much appreciated!


  1. I like how this is evolving, though I wonder if it needs a subtitle or something else to explicitly represent it as a fantasy novel? As an ebook, the image will often be seen at 100x100 and I'm not sure the historical silhouettes will be as obvious.

    Is there a significance to the sun/starbursts?

  2. Thank you, Guy - I recently saw several eBooks that had similar covers using silhouettes. I think you may be right about the sub-title, though hopefully it will be listed as a fantasy genre book on amazon by me.

    The sun/starbursts were an attempt to indicate that some of the people (those two) were magical in some way.

    I still think it would be better to commission a professional artist. I've seen worse covers than mine, but to me it still looks amateurish.

    My husband has got about half way through putting it into the correct format. The novel, I mean!


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