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TransgressionsTransgressions by Phillip Berrie

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I enjoyed reading this very much. I was introduced to it after reading one of Phillip Berrie's short stories set in the same 'verse, which piqued my interest.
The story deals with the plight of Wamzut, an elderly wizard who is fatally attacked while in the Golden Void (this is a good example of the arresting nomenclature in the book). Wamzut is left disembodied, but with the assistance of a Gifted priestess, his spirit is rehoused in the body of a half-elf, who has just been robbed of her soul by...what?
There's the rub! Wamzut finds himself in the body of a young woman. As he started out as an 88-year-old wizard, this is rather a shock for the poor man. The sexual aspect of the story is handled with wit and delicacy. In some ways, it reminded me of a wizardly version of 'Some Like it Hot' in which Wamzut, though still very powerful, experiences the advantages and disadvantages of the female sex he has suddenly been saddled with.
The story is a great page-turner. Wamzut has several mysteries to solve; who killed him (and his friend) in the Void, and who or what robbed the half-elf of her soul.
This part of the book is very well-paced and keeps the reader on their toes, following Wamzut through the mystery. I found it quite hard to put the book down (or the Kindle!) which is always a good sign. When it ended, I wanted more.
If I have any criticisms, they are that it ended too suddenly. I wanted to know what happened next, and I wanted a sequel! The main mystery was rounded off almost too neatly, but there were a number of loose ends - though as 'Transgressions' is the first book in a series, I hope these will be resolved in due course.
I was very taken with the characterisation, especially of the hero/heroine. I felt all the characters were engaging, and that the author had given equal attention to the detail of the minor characters.
The magic of the world or 'verse is carefully thought out and explored. The wizard's principal power is one of astral travel, and this was beautifully imagined.
I really enjoyed 'Transgressions'. To me it is a well-written traditional fantasy, without being hackneyed in any way. I look forward to reading more by this author and also hope that he will return to Wamzut's adventures in the future.

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