Hello - it's my new cover art!

I have been splurging this all over the place, but Malarat now has a new cover, splendidly designed by artist Skylar Faith of Truenotdreams.com.

Stephen has a created a new version of the Kindle edition, incorporating the new cover art and also the amendments for typos and continuity errors suggested by +Phillip Berrie of the Fantasy Writers group.

So, for the first time, I'm offering the book for download free from the Kindle store on 4th September!

I love the new cover - it features the Spider, a key element from the story, which is used by the Inquisition to take out the shamans by neutralising their powers. It's made from iron, which is inimical to their magical powers.

I've also added a strap-line (?) 'A novel of love beyond death' since I have imagined people looking at the title and thinking 'Wot's this Malarat thing then?' I should say that it could be called 'A novel of love beyond death and a great deal else besides'.

Anyway, here is the picture, and a big thank you to Skylar, and Phil for the estimable copy-editing!


  1. I love this new cover design. I think it is far more powerful and appealing than the original.

  2. Thank you, Elaine - I really love it!


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