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I am following on from last week's post by Robert Dahlen about his character, Beth McGill: - Character Blog Hop: Meet Beth McGill!

Here is a little about Robert in his own words:

Fantasy novelist, all-around wisecracker and penguin aficionado, Robert Dahlen lives in California with many penguins, a tablet stuffed with e-books and works in progress, and a very nice hat. He is hopefully working on another Monkey Queen book as you read this.

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And now let me introduce you to...


Annat as a doll!
1) What is the name of your character? Is she fictional or a historic person?
Her full name is Annat Vasilyevich (or Annat bat Yuda!) and she is fictional. But not to me.

2) When and where is the story set?
Annat is a native of Lefranu, a country based on France during the Industrial Revolution. The world she lives in has developed differently to ours. Europe - or Yevropa - is only just emerging from a mini Ice Age called "The Great Cold". The world has industry as well as magic.

3) What should we know about her?
Annat is the daughter of shaman Yuda Vasilyevich, and like him, she is very powerful. She is brought up by her aunt and grandparents since her father ran away from home when she was still a baby and her mother committed suicide. She only meets her father when she is 13, and he takes over her care while her aunt goes into hospital. Annat is one of the main characters in my series. She is a Wanderer, a member of a despised and outcast minority religion like the Jews.

4) What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?
As a shaman, Annat has a lot of ready-made problems. Most shamans are bisexual, which is not accepted by society as a whole. And shamans are regarded with suspicion and fear. Over the various books, the conflict Annat has to deal with changes. In Children of the Shaman, the main conflict arises with her estranged father, Yuda. She is 13 at the time, and her upbringing has been very sheltered. Then suddenly - bam! Her father takes over from her aunt, and he is mercurial, irascible, addicted to sex, and self-destructive. Very reliable.

5) What is the personal goal of the character?
Annat wants to become a powerful shaman like her father. She wants to use her powers to the full, and escape the shackles of a provincial upbringing. She also wants to remain a Wanderer without following the traditional path of marriage and motherhood.

6) What is the title of the novel, and where can find out more?
Annat first appears in Children of the Shaman, and you can read more about her adventures in The Glass Mountain and Malarat. All the novels concern the Vasilyevich family, their world and their adventures. I'm writing a fourth book, titled Winterbloom!
You can find out more at my web-site, Shamansland.

7) When was the book published?
Children of the Shaman was published in May 2014 as an eBook. It originally came out in 2001 as a paperback in the US and the UK. I have rewritten one or two chapters to harmonise it with the later books.

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Rachel Medhurst is doing the Meet my Character Blog Hop on 7th December!

In her own words:

Rachel grew up in South East England. She learnt at a young age that life can be hard work. She now believes that whatever happens to you, you can overcome it.

She writes to help others see that no matter where you come from, you can still achieve your dreams. As a teenager she would never have dreamed of becoming an author.

However, in her twenties, she realised that she was allowing her past to dictate her future. She decided to accept and forgive everything that had happened to her. Everyone that had hurt or upset her, and she even forgave herself for allowing life to bring her down.

In early 2014 after writing The Deadliners, Rachel decided to self publish. It was one of the best things she's ever done. Since then, she's released a series called Avoidables and a novella called Choice! (October 2014) which is part of the Modern Dreams series published by Salt Publishing.



  1. I just love the fact that you have a doll of your character.

    1. Thank you! I've got dolls based on most of them. :)


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