Everything gives you cancer

I'm going to be offline for a while.

Hopefully not for too long, but just in case you thought I was ignoring you, I'm going into hospital for an operation.

I've got cancer. This sounds a bit melodramatic, and what I've got can almost certainly be stopped in its tracks by the operation. The cells are early-stage and as far as the doctors know, they haven't gone anywhere else.

So if I'm lucky, the operation will remove the offending bits, and I will revert to normal. I'll have to wait and see whether there has been any spread, but if there hasn't, the risk will slowly recede.

I'm having a hysterectomy (or to give it its full name, salpingo-oophorectomy). This is a routine operation nowadays, but it's no good pretending I'm not scared. However, since meeting the surgeon, specialist nurses and the anaesthetist, I feel a lot more positive than I did. Since I first drafted, and re-wrote, this post, the operation has been postponed a couple of times, so I'm still here, less frightened than I was, but still anxious.

I won't be having chemo or radiotherapy, as far as I know. So long as they have caught it in its early stages, it shouldn't have spread.

I'm not doing much online (apart from ye Facebook) but I am writing, in between the usual chores. I'm trying to crack on with Winterbloom, which has acquired a new sense of urgency!


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