What "Living in the Maniototo" means

Me in Granada in 2002

1998: Aged 38: Moved back to Bath. Bath High School reunion
1999: Moved in with my parents. Finished first novel.
Started serious Sasha Doll collecting and met Vicki and Raven
Went to Rome with Gillian
2000: Signed up by literary agency; signed up by publisher
Went to Florence with Gillian
2001: First book published
Went to Venice with Gillian
2002: Second book published
Nephew Tom married Catherine
Went to Granada with Gillian; also to London
2003: Discovered Super Dollfie and joined Den of Angels
Went to Bologna with Gillian
Great-niece Emily born in November
2004: Active member of Den of Angels and BJD community
Friends Tim and Anita got married
June - Mum into hospital with UTI; diagnosed with vascular dementia
2005: Met my future husband; parted company with my publisher
Founder member of The Write Fantastic; went to Eastercon in Hinckley and Worldcon in Glasgow
2006: Married my husband (who also moved in with my parents)

Wedding (in the old house)
My friend Peter married his partner François the same year. Sadly, we couldn't go to the wedding.
2007: Live-in carers
2008: Ditto
2009: Finished first draft of Malarat in March
Dad died.
Looking after Mum
Started psychotherapy
Great-niece Ruby born in November
2010: Father in Law died of brain tumour in January
Mum died of obstructive bowel cancer in February
House sold and had to move out early in August
Bought cottage and put stuff in storage unit

The old house in July 2010.

The new house September 2010

2011: Gillian moved back to Bath
2012: Can't remember
2013: Self-published Malarat as an eBook
Sister and brother-in-law moved to Bath
2014: Severe rain caused landslide opposite house in February. Road closed till September.

Landslide opposite our house

Mother-in-law had stroke in June. She spent the rest of the year in hospital, more or less. Partly paralysed but still with most of her faculties.

The atrium at the Royal United Hospital, where I have spent too much time

Self-published new versions of first and second books
August - fell out with L while staying at her house in London
December (aged 55) - diagnosed with endometrial cancer
Sister-in-law caring for mother-in-law at home full time
2015: Hysterectomy in March
Cleared out storage unit in June
Got the all-clear for cancer so far

Mum and Dad in the old house in June 2006
Me in 2014

This isn't a comprehensive account, just a summary. My friend Debbie Miller died of secondary breast cancer in 2013. My friend Anita also had breast cancer in 2006 but PG no recurrence.

My mental health has been variable throughout. And by variable, I mean bad at times.

And finally...

Me at Christmas 1979 with Grandma Newman and nephew Tom


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