Cover art for The Glass Mountain by Daniele Serra

Cover art by Daniele Serra

As you probably know, Children of the Shaman has recently been published by Kristell Ink Publishing. Yesterday, I received a couple of boxes in the post with my six paperback and single hardback copies.

It is hard to describe how excited I am about these books. I've never had anything published in hardback before, and the quality is amazing. The novel has cover art by Daniele Serra, and internal illustrations by Evelinn Enoksen. The illustrations are wonderful, as is the cover. 

Kristell Ink did a cover "reveal" for The Glass Mountain on Facebook recently, so I thought I would share it here as well. The finished version has lettering on it, obviously. It shows a scene from the book featuring a battle between crows and wolves, where the crows are coming off worst!

If you're interested in the series, you can read more about it on my web-site here. Children of the Shaman is for sale from Amazon in eBook, paperback and hardback editions.

Coming soon here we'll have a review of Jan Edwards' new release, Winter Downs, which is debuting on 3rd June. And I've recently received a free download of my friend Robert Dahlen's novella, The Thorn Harbour Road Ralley, which looks fun.

Meanwhile, I'm reading Sarah Ash's Emperor of the Fireflies, the second book in her Tide Dragons series. (You can read my guest blog, Travelling in Time, on her web-site here: be sure to check out the other women writers she has hosted, including Juliet E. McKenna, Freda Warrington and Sarah Higbee, a fellow Kristell Ink author).


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