Speculative Fiction Showcase: Cruelty: Unmasked by Ellen Crosháin

Release date: May 30, 2018 Subgenre: Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

About Cruelty: Unmasked:


Henry used to be a god. Now, he’s just the gardener.

Nearly twenty-five years have passed since the ancient Faroust fell in love with Eliza MacTir. Stripped of his powers and forced to work for the family he used to rule, he can’t avoid the woman who ruined him. But when a chance encounter brings him into contact with Eliza’s daughter Áine, a twenty-one year old student looking for a chance to explore herself, he sees a chance to exact revenge. The affair is sweet and Henry knows that when he finally reveals it to Eliza, it will be even sweeter.
But Henry and Áine aren’t the only ones keeping secrets. Áine’s brother Caolán, sixteen and rebellious, has his share of demons and not all is well with Eliza and Cornelius. The veneer of the perfect family has cracks and once the truths start to spill, everything Eliza fought for will start to unravel.
Secrets cannot be buried forever and the Veil won’t stay shut. Darker forces are watching and waiting…

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Speculative Fiction Showcase: Cruelty: Unmasked by Ellen Crosháin   


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