Short story - The Alukah

I have just published a short story on Amazon, The Alukah. It is based loosely on my time sharing a flat in Stoke Newington with two friends, in 1983. It is also an urban fantasy, and may have connections with my shamanworld series.

The Alukah arose from a desire to recapture 1980's Stoke Newington, and to use the setting to introduce fantastic elements. In particular, to explore the idea that two characters from Mir, my shamanworld, might have visited this world.

The cover art was made using Amazon's cover art creator.

The blurb: When student Jim Hopkins gets the bus home to Stoke Newington one night, he has an encounter that changes his life - and his views on magic and vampires.

In due course, I am going to make a collection of my short stories, which are not available anywhere else.

The Alukah is 99c and is available from Amazon, Amazon UK and the other Amazon stores.


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