Speculative Fiction Blog Hop - Carole McDonnell

This week, I'm really delighted to announce that my friend Carole McDonnell is doing the Speculative Fiction Blog Hop!

Carole is a fantasy writer and author of The Constant Tower and Wind Follower. She is currently working on a YA contemporary fantasy, My Life as an Onion. Carole has also written numerous short stories, reviews and essays, including a contribution to the acclaimed Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology, edited by Charles Saunders and Milton Davis.

Here Carole explains what makes her writing distinctive:
My stories are pagan, anthropological, multicultural, and Christian epic fantasy. Yet they transcend race and religion. My characters are Black but my stories are not really afro-centric, although they have racial concerns. My genre is called sword and soul. Even when I write steamfunk -- the black equivalent of steampunk-- my stories transcend race.
Read the whole post about her writing process here: http://carolemcdonnell.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/speculative-fiction-writing-blog-hop.html

Forthcoming blog posts:
September 15:  Dean F. Wilson
September 22: Open
September 29: S B James
October 6:  Amelia Smith

There are plenty of openings, and you don't have to be a member of the KBoards.

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If you're a spec fic author and want to participate in the blog hop, please contact Sheila_Guthrie. (The link takes you to the KBoards). You can also contact Sheila via her blog here.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Heidi Garrett for starting the ball rolling, Sheila Guthrie for taking it up and Sandra K. Williams for keeping the long list of links updated.


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