New week - next Speculative Fiction Blog Hop! Updated list

There is a new post in the Writing Process/Speculative Fiction Blog Tour.

The latest post on the writing process comes from Jamie Maltman, whose web-site is here:

Here is Jamie's blog on the writing process!

Jamie is the author of the historical fantasy series, Arts Reborn, which explores the impact of magic returning to a world a lot like the Mediterranean in the time of the Roman Republic. Brush With Darkness is book I in the series.

I will be posting myself next this space! And on 27th July, Cora Buhlert will take up the baton.

List of forthcoming author posts:

July 21st       Jessica Rydill
July 27th      Cora Buhlert
August 11th   Ceinwen Langley
August 25th Sheila Guthrie

(Date to be arranged) Vincent Trigili
(Date to be arranged) Carole McDonnell

(This is not a definitive list - there are more authors scheduled!)

Previous posts:

Marilyn Peake:
Nic Wilson:
David Pagan:
Travis Hill:
Cherise Kelley:
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Sandra K. Williams:
S. Elliot Brandis:
Elle Chambers:
William D. Richards:
Michael Patrick Hicks:
Cat Amesbury:
Heidi Garrett:

(Thanks to Sandra K. Williams for the updated list.)


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