The progress of a mediaeval murder mystery: David Coles and Jack Everett

I have known David Coles for some years, since we met on a writing course at Fen Farm, taught by the late, great David Gemmell and run by well-known author Sally Worboyes. The course on writing fantasy fiction was something of an epiphany for me and I kept in touch with several of the other attendees.

David writes several kinds of genre fiction with a friend, Jack Everett. They have a writing partnership of some years standing and have produced a number of titles. At the moment, they are published by Acclaimed Books, amongst others. They mainly write thrillers, science fiction and fantasy. Like many indie authors, they wear a number of different hats and appear under different pseudonyms.

In a new post on their blog. Archimedes Presse UK, David writes about the vicissitudes that have fallen one of their books, originally titled 'The Abbot and the Acolyte.' The novel is a mediaeval mystery like the Brother Cadfael stories written by Ellis Peters, but much more humorous.

The story is being brought out in a new, revised edition by Acclaimed Books, with the title 'Murderous Intentions'. It has been through a number of incarnations, but I read some of the early drafts and was struck by the dry wit that characterised the relationship between the Abbot and his younger apprentice.

You can read the full account of the book's genesis on David and Jack's blog here: A New Book and its history - a Cautionary Tale.


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